What part of your wedding do you need a sound system for?

It all started with one couple...

From the beginning, we have provided proven sound system rentals that: ​

  • Guarantee an amazing wedding reception for couples with tight entertainment budgets. 

  • ​Take the stress off of brides, by delivering, setting up and picking up our rentals

  • Provide couples with the kind of superior customer service they deserve. 

​Narrow Gauge Sound started out as a wedding band.   Many of our couples also wanted us to provide sound equipment for their ceremonies. They knew they needed a sound system, but didn't know the first thing about it. They trusted us enough to do it for them.  I’ll never forget that first wedding in Longmont Colorado (Thank you Rod and Kristin!) 

So it started with their wedding, then another, then 10 more. Before we knew it we were so busy we had to divide the business and expand.  Since then, we've helped over 500 couples celebrate their wedding!

Many who contacted us to play at their receptions were on tight budgets. Some of them didn’t have room in the budget for a band or a good DJ but still wanted to celebrate big time!  They were stuck with few options. We asked many of them "Why not rent a sound system and have a friend be your DJ?"

Unlike us, these couples had no clue how to set up or run a sound system. The thought of adding one more thing to their ever expanding to-do list added stress!  One couple called us back and asked if we could do it for them.  At the time we didn't, but we thought "why don't we?"  Today we provide this service all week long during spring and summer! Our dedication to provide exceptional customer service is the reason for our success!

Most of our clients are DIY brides who are wise enough to know they can't do everything themselves! If that describes you, we would love to help you have an amazing wedding reception. We'll help you choose a proven party system and set it up at your venue. We'll even give you practical tips you can use to help throw an amazing party. Bonus: We won't break the budget or add one item to your to-do list.

Ready to get started? Call or text us at 719-231-7195!