They want to hear your vows
They just can't
Let's fix that!

Whoever said planning a wedding is easy, never planned one!

It's non stop work. From choosing the date to the menu, the decor to the guest list, you've been a little busy lately, haven't you?

It's no wonder you may have forgotten about the most important part of the day: your ceremony. I'm not talking about your vows or the officiant. Well, I guess I kinda am. I'm talking about hearing your officiant and your vows.

I'm not gonna sugar coat this: The entire day is about you saying "I do"!  Everything else is icing on the cake.  But will they hear you say those two little words?

It's highly likely they won't! If you're getting married outside with 65 guests or more you need a sound system. Period. End of story.  That's all she wrote!

Unless I'm mistaken, what you don't need is to add one more thing to page 16 of your to-do list.

That's where we come in!

We'll make sure every guest hears every word!

  • We'll put together the perfect sound system for your ceremony, so you won't have to figure out what you need.

  • We'll deliver everything to your venue and set it all up. That means you'll spend the morning getting ready with your girlfriends. Not picking up a sound system and learning how to put it together!

  • We'll provide a trained sound tech to run the sound system for you. She'll cue the right song at the right time. She'll make sure all the microphones are working and more! That means you won't have to rely on your sisters boyfriends roommate. Your welcome!

"Thank you so much for everything! You guys were amazing! The ceremony was perfect and we can't thank you enough for helping our friends sing/play during the bridal processional!   Ashley
“This is long overdue-I feel like I am just now catching up with my desk. Phil and I, plus Victoria and Sean-LOVED having you all handle the music at the wedding. Every part of it was perfect, exactly how we wanted it. The ceremony sound was handled so wonderfully- the sun even appeared at the correct moment.  All of our friends and family commented on how great you were… So, thank you thank you”  Liz, mother of the bride.
Here's How We Do It..

How Can We Help?

This wedding ceremony system service can handle up to 250 guests inside or outside so no one will miss a word! It includes everything you'll need for your ceremony:

  • ​Ceremony planning and consultation:  We have provided sound reinforcement at hundreds of weddings!  All that experience will be available to you.  That means you can ask us for advice as much or as little as you need as you plan your unique ceremony.  We love helping!

  • Delivery! We'll deliver the equipment and set it up in the right place. It'll be all ready to go before your first guests arrive. That means your dad won't have to go pick up a sound system the day of your wedding!

  • Dedicated Sound technician!  They'll be in charge of cuing up all your special wedding music. They'll also coordinate timing with your wedding planner or person in charge. It's nice to have a pro do this!  If you're using live musicians, we'll also coordinate with them. We'll make sure they have everything they need for their performance.

  • Top quality, professional grade equipment. We use quality speakers from Yamaha and EV and professional gear that includes: a wireless lapel microphone for your officiant and groom (to pick up your vows). A microphone for any readings. All cabling needed to operate the sound system, including extension cords.

  • Battery operated sound systems are also available for venues without power.

  • We have thought of everything you need so that you can focus on your vows.  We’ll make sure everyone hears them.  If you want our help, the first step is to check our availability.

If you'd like our help, the first step is to check our availability and get pricing.    That's quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out the information on the "How can we help?" form and hit the Orange submit button. It's also a good place to ask questions! Ready, set, GO!

"If you want someone personable, kind, caring, professional and experienced, THIS is your company!"
"WOW! If you want someone personable, kind, caring, professional and experienced, THIS is your company. I worked with Jim directly for my wedding ceremony and he was absolutely amazing. Exceeded all of my wants and needs. He made everything about me, made sure I did not stress one bit, always replied as soon as I needed him, and when I did not hear from him for a few days (after the massive tennis ball hail storm) he was sure to call me and make sure I knew I was his priority.

He did at one point mention that my venue in particular was very difficult to wire as the site was far from an electrical source but ended with a "you know what don't worry about it I have it handled"--and that he did! Absolutely nothing went wrong with my music and I wish I hired the company for my reception as well as my ceremony.

He even met me as I was about to walk down the aisle and calmed my nerves! I remember exactly what he said-- "Tatiana, nice to meet you-- Jim from Narrow Gauge. I just want to let you know, everything is perfect out there and waiting for you. Your ceremony is going to be absolutely beautiful and you look great. Don't worry about anything I have everything set up just for you. Just breathe everything is going to be perfect."--And it was!

It was amazing and everything I pictured it would be. I wouldn't recommend any other company. Thank you so much Narrow Gauge!! I am so glad I chose you!"  Tatiana via Google

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Our Story

From the beginning, we have provided proven sound system rentals that: ​

  • Guarantee an amazing wedding reception for couples with tight entertainment budgets. 

  • ​Take the stress off of brides, by delivering, setting up and picking up our rentals

  • Provide couples with the kind of superior customer service that they deserve. 

​Narrow Gauge Sound started out as a wedding band.   Many of our couples also wanted us to provide sound equipment for their ceremonies. They knew they needed a sound system, but didn't know the first thing about them. They also trusted us enough to do it for them.  I’ll never forget that first wedding in Longmont Colorado (Thank you Rod and Kristin!) 

It started with their wedding, then another, then 10 more. Before we knew it we were so busy we had to divide the business and expand.  Since then, we've helped over 500 couples celebrate their wedding!

Many who contacted us to play at their receptions were on tight budgets. Some of them didn’t have room in the budget for a band or a DJ but still wanted to celebrate big time!  They were stuck with few options. We always "Why not rent a sound system and have a friend be your DJ?"

Unlike us, many couples had no clue how to set up or run a sound system. The thought of adding one more thing to their ever expanding to-do list added stress!  One couple called us back and asked if we'd do it for them.  At the time we didn't, but we thought "why don't we?"  Today we provide this service all week long during spring and summer! Our dedication to provide exceptional customer service is the reason for our success!