"I can't wait to spend my wedding day up on a ladder hanging lights!"

Said no bride. Ever!

That's why our prices INCLUDE: programming, delivering and installing your lights.
We'll climb the ladders.  You hang out with the girls and get ready!

How Can We Help?

Room Uplighting

Transform the appearance of your party into a magical and unique space with 10 wireless uplights and two pinspots!

You totally don’t need uplighting

You also don’t need...

  • flowers
  • a photographer
  • music
  • or food

But since you’re having those anyway…
Uplighting is the most affordable way to transform your ceremony or reception space. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you. Here’s why...  

A beautiful result:
Transform your reception for less than $25/hour
A bigger visual “bang for the buck” than chair covers or other decor and lighting solutions
The latest equipment – brilliant colors, no color separation
LED lights remain cool to the touch, so there’s no danger to curious fingers.

An easy addition:    
No new vendors – one deadline, one request form
Managed by your sound rental company, so you’ll confirm lighting plans at your final consult.
Set up by a dedicated tech so your party stays on schedule.
Yes!  We have wireless battery operated uplighting!

Transform Your Head Table with Uplighting
Head Table Uplighting Accent Package:  This package contains three wireless ADJ Mega GoPar 64 uplights and is perfect to accent a head table of 8 people or less.  It will also work great for a sweetheart table.  Draw everyone's attention to your table and make it the focal point of the room.  Choose any color you want.
Rental Rate: $99.  

Price includes delivery, set up and pick up when included with a sound system rental. 
Head Table Essential Accent Package: This package contains eight wireless ADJ Mega GoPar 64 uplights uplights to completely transform your head table with back lighting and under table lighting.  This is an amazing effect that will make the head table pop! Rental Rate: $199

Rental includes programming lights for your color choice, delivery to your venue, set up and pick up when added to any sound system rental!
Elegance Room Uplighting Package:  This package contains  8 wireless ADJ Mega GoPar 64 uplights and 2 bar led lights  for room color washing and two wireless pinspots to accent your cake or anything else. A total of 12 lights! Choose any color you want.  Rental Rate: $249, when added to a sound system rental.  

Price includes delivery, set up and pick up when included with a sound system rental.  ($349 without )

​Ideal for weddings of 100 people or less.  Need more lights?  Ask us for a custom quote!
Show off your Cake with Pinspot Lighting
Don’t let that multi-hundred dollar cake go unseen! We’ve seen hundreds of weddings where the biggest, fanciest and most expensive cake goes unnoticed because the venue doesn’t have appropriate lighting in the area where the cake is placed. Our pinspot lighting, will eliminate this from happening.   You can rent these from NGS and we'll program the lights, deliver and set them up and then pick them up at the end of the party.   Priced as low as $39 installed!

DJ Party Light Rentals from a locally owned Colorado Company
Light up your dance floor with our one of our proven DJ Party Light Packages! 
​Mega Dance Package:  Add to the fun when you rent both the Mini-Kinta and the Swarm and one  ADJ Mega Go Par64s.   They will light up the dance floor,change colors in time with the music and completly transform the dance floor into a party.  These are proven lights that are guaranteed to help bring people out to the dance floor.  Rental rate: $119 and includes delivery, set up and pick up.
Mini Kinta Package Rental: Dim the house lights and get the party started with these proven lights and stand.  Two ADJ MegaGo Par 64 color wash lights and one Chauvet Mini Kinta will make the dance floor come to life. This rental comes with its own Ultimate Support Light stand,  Perfect for 75 people or less.  Far larger parties get two!   Rental Rate:  $79 and includes delivery, set up and pick up.
Swarm Package: This is the same system as the Mini-Kinta package except we upgrade the light to the amazing Chauvet Swarm 5FX. The Swarm in one of the most amazing dance lights available today! See what it can do for your party here:  Swarm 5FX.   Rental Rate:  $99 and includes delivery, set up and pick up.

Rent Two of these packages for $189.
A la Carte DJ Light Rentals
Mini Kinta:  You can't go wrong with the incredibly popular and proven Chauvet Mini Kinta.   A compact LED effect light that projects bright, countless & colorful beams using high-power red, green, blue, and white LEDs.  It fills the room with eye-catching effects! It is a  fun light that can be added to the speaker stand that comes with your sound system rental.  This light is guaranteed to transform any smaller dance floor.  It is only a $29.99 add on and that includes delivery to your venue and set up as well as pick up! 

Chauvet Swarm 5FX:  Add three killer effects to your dance floor with a single Chauvet  Swarm 5FX LED lighting fixture. A pair of lasers at the center of the Swarm 5 FX scatter thousands of red and green beams and patterns about the room, as a rotating LED derby effect tosses out innumerable dancing dots of vividly colored light. Framing it all is a set of eight ultra-bright white strobe LEDs, which add a ton of energy into the mix.  This is a proven light!  Rental Rate:  $49.99 with free delivery, set up and pick up when you combine it with a sound system rental.  
​Add a  ADJ Mega Go Par64s to your sound system rental.  They will fill the dance floor and change colors in time with the music.  They look great by themselves or pair them  with the Mini Kinta or Swarm for a truly spectacular effect.  Rental rate:  $29.99 each

 Add a Light Stand for an additional $24.99 per stand.

Dance floor Lighting and Uplighting Rentals in Colorado Springs!